Success thinks ahead

We’re excited to announce that this past year, Dynamic opened its first office in the Asia Pacific region. We are located in Yoyogi, the northern part of the Shibuya Ward in Tokyo, Japan.

This new office allows us to serve a number of our valued clients who we’ve worked with in the EU and the US, as they continue to expand in the Asia Pacific region.

General Manager, Sandro Sanchez Verona, a veteran of Dynamic’s London office heads up a team of local retail brand specialists in servicing existing business as well as procuring new clients throughout Japan. This new Dynamic group includes Kei Nishiwaki, Office Manager… Nicolas Ushioda, Project Manager… and Hideki Nokariya, Senior Project Manager.

With a retail market serving a population of 127 million people in a geographically dense area, the opportunities for Dynamic clients and potential clients are vast. 

Our initial ability to gain traction in the Japanese market is best served by helping our international clients expand in the region. Dynamic Tokyo currently focuses on serving Philip Morris International, Tesla, Hugo Boss, and Sonos, while concurrently building new business opportunities.

We’re excited, quickly gaining momentum, and look forward to sharing more stories from the Asia Pacific region in the future.