How To Hire Professional Store Display Installers

Use our checklist of store display installer skillset must-haves

Opening her first retail store, Retro Vintage, owner Sarah is under pressure. From supply chain delays to trouble finding qualified store display and fixture installers, the Retro Vintage launch is over budget and behind schedule.

In a desperate attempt to save some money, Sarah chooses to enlist the help of her DIY friends and family. The shelving, lighting, racks, and display units are installed, however this is when things fall apart. 

On opening day, Sarah walks into her store to see her merchandise literally on the floor. Her custom shelving units have collapsed. The clothing racks have fallen over. And to top it off, the store is in complete darkness thanks to faulty wiring in her vintage lamps.

Grand opening day for Retro Vintage did not happen as planned. But thanks to the work done by professional store display installers, Retro Vintage finally opened a month later.

You do not want to be Sarah. 

Your retail fixtures, graphics, signage, window displays, and millwork speak for you and your brand. They are your first impression. It’s critical you do not cut corners with your retail fixture installation. 

However, we understand convincing your colleagues and investors to hire professional store display installers can be challenging. We get it. So this blog is for you. This blog gives you the logic and proof you need to get what you want – a professional and successful retail store. 

What Does a Store Display Installer Do?

A store display installer is responsible for setting up and arranging product displays in retail stores or other commercial spaces. Their main role is creating visually appealing and effective displays to attract customers and highlight products or promotions.

Store display installers work closely with visual merchandisers and store management to ensure displays align with your branding and marketing strategies.

Often called retail fixture installers, these professionals have an important role in bringing your retail brand to life. 

Store display installer responsibilities can include:

  1. Retail Fixture Assembly and Installation: assemble all fixtures including custom millwork, shelving, display units, racks, signage, lighting, and digital displays.
  2. Product Placement: arrange merchandise based on the guidance and plans provided by your visual merchandising team.
  3. Store Maintenance: update and maintain displays to ensure retail store quality and image. Install and roll-out seasonal and promotional displays, fixtures, signage, and lighting as needed. 

The Retail Display Installation Process

The retail display installation process includes planning, researching, designing, building, installing, finessing, and maintaining your entire retail store. 

This process is the same, from a pop-up to a single brick-and-mortar location to a worldwide retail store roll-out:

  1. Planning and Research: our team learns about your brand, store ethos, customers and market, and vision for your brick-and-mortar location. We want to know the who, what, how, and why behind your products and brand.
  2. Design: rely on our expertise in choosing lighting, signage, colors, shelving, racks, displays, and store layout. 
  3. Assembly and Install: our local team of project managers and store display installers receive, assemble, and install your retail fixtures, displays, millwork, lighting, and signage – bringing your vision to life.
  4. Merchandising and Finessing: it’s time to display your products and make any final tweaks to retail fixture placement and store layout. 
  5. Maintenance and Logistics: keep your retail store looking good with preventive and reactive maintenance and take advantage of our logistics expertise for your seasonal fixtures and store inventory.

Do not cut corners with retail fixture assembly and installation. This is your first impression – you cannot afford to leave this to chance.

How to Choose a Retail Display Installation Team

The good news is you have lots of options when choosing a retail display installation team. The bad news is you have lots of options. 

To choose a retail display installation team, use this checklist of must-haves:

  • Local Team: boots-on-the-ground store display installers who have the flexibility, experience, and availability to complete your project on time and budget.
  • On-Site Project Management: know that your retail installation is managed and operated by on-site experienced project managers.
  • Experience and Portfolio: verify that the team has real-world experience in assembling, installing, and maintaining retail projects similar to your needs.
  • Reference Checks: know who you’re working with and their track record with other clients.
  • Retail Display Installation Process Review: this cannot be an ad hoc process, ask to see the team’s process guidelines and checklists. Ask about 24/7 365 access to real-time updates and progress. 
  • Insurance, Certifications, and Licensing: do not move forward if the team does not have industry standard insurance, certifications, and licensing.

Do your due diligence, after all this team is responsible for making your retail store look and feel great. 

The Connection Between the Right Retail Installation Partner and Your Retail Success

Remember Sarah, the owner of Retro Vintage, who hired her friends and family to assemble and install her retail displays and fixtures? The cost of not initially hiring a proven retail installation team nearly caused her to lose her business.

Her opening day was pushed back by a month. She had to replace all of her incorrectly assembled fixtures and custom millwork. The bulk of her merchandise needed repairing and cleaning. The delay in opening caused her staff to quit. She had to interview, hire, and train new employees. And she very nearly gave up.

Imagine if instead she had done her research and hired people with real experience in retail installation, design, and assembly. Everything would have been easier, more affordable, and less stressful. 

Who you hire matters. Do not cut corners with your store display installation team or any other aspect of your retail store project. 

Always choose a retail installation partner who has these core skills and experience:

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