A Careful Company

The world has changed, and we’ve got it covered.

As business across the globe begin to re-emerge in a whole new way, we understand nothing is more important that the safety of your customers and employees.

With over 25 years of experience performing field surveys, and installing furniture, fixtures and graphics, in a wide array of corporate workplace and retail environments, we are ideally suited to help you implement and adapt to any new national, regional, or local safety regulations and requirements.

We have over 150 employees in seven strategically located offices throughout North America, the EU, and APAC and over 1,750 local partners, all ready to assist you in the execution of your social distancing standards.

Our pre-opening corporate and retail services include:

CAREFUL Site Survey

Our local surveyors can provide you with everything from a simple sketch to a full set of As-Built CAD drawings.

CAREFUL Installation

From installing or reconfiguring fixtures, graphics or signage, to logistics, warehousing and storage and transportation of your social distancing.

CAREFUL Maintenance

From routine scheduled visits to emergency response and repairs, our services professionals make your space our priority.

Wherever in the world you are, we’re close by.

Whatever your needs are during this global health and economic challenge, we have the expertise to support you with effective, efficient, and strategic solutions. But perhaps most importantly, is our appreciation and understanding of the need for you to maintain safety and consistency from site to site, market to market, and from one global region to another.